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Affordable Dentistry In Tustin

March 2, 2022
Posted By: Michael Zhang, DMD Staff

Your dentist is an essential member of your health care team! Finding a Tustin dentist you can trust and rely on can help you protect your dental health and your well-being since oral health is also connected to many aspects of your overall health.

But many people avoid the dentist, thinking that dentistry is not affordable. The truth is, you can actually save money by being proactive about visiting your dentist regularly. Your six-month preventive teeth cleaning and examinations help to make you aware of any current or upcoming problems in your mouth like tooth decay or gum disease, which means you can treat them early when they're less expensive and easier to treat.

We can treat a small cavity with an inexpensive filling instead of letting that filling get bigger and progress further into your tooth, where it could cause a painful tooth infection that needs a more invasive treatment like a root canal.

Our Wellness Plans Make High-Quality Dentistry Affordable

Many patients don't visit their dentists regularly because they don't have dental insurance. Dr. Michael Zhang offers a wellness plan that helps patients without dental insurance get the dental care they regularly need with one low monthly or yearly fee.

Our basic wellness plan benefits include:

  • One Routine Teeth Cleaning Every Six Months
  • A Comprehensive Exam with Cleaning
  • An Oral Cancer Screening with Exam
  • One Set of Routine X-Rays Each Year
  • One Emergency Exam with X-Rays Per Year
  • Up to 25 Percent off Additional Treatment

For patients requiring more extensive treatment, we also offer an advanced wellness plan that includes the same benefits as the basic wellness plan but with up to 50 percent savings on any additional treatment procedures. 

When you choose to cover your dental care with a wellness plan instead of dental insurance, here are the things you won't have to worry about:

  • Plan limitations like yearly maximums
  • Out-of-pocket deductibles
  • Existing condition limitations
  • Waiting periods for needed treatment

To learn more about our dental wellness plans, call your dentist in Tustin today at (714) 836-5600 to get started!

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