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Michael Zhang DMD

At what age should my child first see the dentist?

Dr. Zhang, your child’s dentist in Tustin, CA, likes to see children around the time of their first tooth or by their first birthday.

It’s essential to check on the development of a child’s teeth early to ensure there are no issues and that they are erupting correctly.

Early visits are designed to be fun. We get to know your child and make checking up on their teeth feel like a game or an adventure. What child doesn’t want a ride in the dental chair?

By making early dental appointments positive, we hope to build a trusting relationship with your child and instill healthy habits that can last for life.

If your child’s dentist spots any issues or has any concerns during the exam, we share those with you. We also want to answer all your questions and help out with at-home care, providing tips and guidance for cleaning baby teeth. We can even discuss nutritional practices.

Between our efforts and your at-home diligence, your child should enjoy a healthy smile from the start.

Is It Time for Your Child’s First Dental Appointment?

We are always happy to meet children and start them on their journey to lifelong oral health. So give us a call today to get your child started!

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