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Are veneers permanent?

Dental veneers in Tustin, CA conceal most tooth flaws and are permanent cosmetic restoration. Permanent means that if you damage a veneer, it must be replaced. However, with excellent oral hygiene and dental care, coupled with good habits, a veneer can last for a very long time.

A dental veneer is a tooth shell that is custom-colored and shaped to look like your teeth. It covers the front of a flawed tooth to restore aesthetics.

It can conceal gummy smiles, a short tooth, discoloration, a slightly crooked tooth, and a worn tooth.

To place your veneer, your Tustin, CA dentist removes a bit of enamel from the tooth to be treated. This helps the veneer sit naturally against the gum and in line with untreated teeth. Because of the enamel removal, the veneer must be considered permanent.

Patients considering dental veneers can treat one tooth or several. Veneers can also be a stand-alone treatment or part of a full smile makeover, including dental implants and other popular options.

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