To Fill or Not to Fill: Should Baby Teeth Get Dental Fillings?

November 15, 2023

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A child smiling after getting a dental filling

As a parent, it’s kind of your job to question everything involving your child. Which pants to wear, what kind of food they eat, is their finger supposed to do that? When it comes to dental concerns, sometimes it can feel like you’re totally in the dark. Like—are you supposed to get your child’s baby teeth dental fillings if they get cavities?

If you want to learn more about baby teeth and why they’re more important than you think, continue reading.

Baby Teeth are Placeholders

Baby teeth, also known as primary or deciduous teeth, are vital in a child’s dental development. While they do eventually fall out, they serve as placeholders for permanent teeth. If these little dental bookmarks are disrupted, it could complicate things for the permanent teeth growing behind them. Fillings become necessary when tooth decay threatens to compromise the integrity of the baby tooth structure prematurely.

Prevent Infections and Tooth Decay

Tooth decay in baby teeth can progress rapidly, leading to pain and discomfort for your child. Because of this, dental fillings are essential for stopping the progression of decay and preventing more extensive damage. Cavities don’t like to stay in one spot, they grow and could affect adjacent teeth or even lead to infections.

Forming Good Oral Habits

Introducing fillings at an early age teaches children the importance of oral hygiene and regular dental care. It also establishes a foundation for a lifetime of positive experiences with their dentist. This early development is very important for the future of their oral health.

Maintaining Tooth Alignment

Baby teeth help guide permanent teeth into their correct positions. If a baby tooth is lost prematurely due to decay, it can disrupt the alignment of the developing permanent teeth. Dental fillings keep baby teeth from dropping out prematurely, keeping the natural spacing and alignment.

So, if your child is showing signs of a cavity, don’t delay their treatment. Take them to the dentist as soon as possible. While baby teeth may seem unimportant because they’re designed to fall out, letting them rot away is never good. Help your child stay happy and healthy by getting their tiny teeth the fillings they need.

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