Tooth-Colored Fillings – Tustin, CA

Don't Let a Cavity Ruin Your Smile!

Fortunately, the rate of dental caries (tooth decay) has declined since the 1970s. However, studies still indicate that of all adults between ages 20 and 64, 90 percent have had a cavity in their permanent teeth.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that most of us will have to deal with a cavity at some point. At Zhang Dental Group of Tustin, we offer tooth-colored fillings for Tustin, CA dental patients that leave you with an invisible repair and a stronger, healthier tooth.

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Treat Tooth Decay Sooner Rather Than Later

Family smiling after restoration with tooth colored fillings

During your routine dental checkups at Zhang Dental Group of Tustin, our dentist checks for signs of decay so he can fill the cavity when it’s small and manageable. The sooner we treat tooth decay, the less time it has to damage the tooth’s structure.

For example, if you have a tiny cavity, we can easily treat it with a small filling; however, wait too long, and the cavity spreads until it reaches the tooth’s nerve. As a result, you’ll not only experience a toothache, but you also risk bacteria entering the tooth and causing an infection that requires a root canal to treat.

Why We Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings

Smile before and after tooth colored fillings

Dr. Zhang chooses tooth-colored fillings for his patients because they offer numerous benefits. Also called composite fillings or dental composites, the material is a soft, moldable synthetic resin that mimics the appearance of translucent tooth enamel.

First, our dentist removes the decayed part of the tooth; then, he places the filling material in the space and molds it to match the tooth’s contours. Because we color-match the resin to the shade of your tooth, it blends seamlessly.

During the final step, Dr. Zhang cures or hardens the material with a blue UV light, and the result is a virtually invisible filling and a strong, healthy tooth.

Tooth-colored composite fillings look beautifully natural but also offer other oral health benefits:

  • Allows for a conservative repair – When placing a composite filling, we only remove the decayed part of the tooth and keep healthy tooth structure intact.
  • Strengthens your tooth – When our dentist places the filling, he bonds it directly to the tooth structure, resulting in a strong and durable repair.

If you think you have a cavity and need a tooth filling, call Zhang Dental Group of Tustin to schedule an appointment.

Dental Bonding Conceals Cosmetic Tooth Flaws

Because resin tooth fillings are so aesthetic, we use them for a conservative cosmetic dental procedure called dental bonding to:

  • Fill in chipped or broken tooth edges
  • Alter teeth that appear too short
  • Even out size discrepancies
  • Close wide gaps or uneven spaces
  • Conceal tooth staining or discoloration

Dental bonding is an affordable and conservative cosmetic dental treatment that can transform your smile. And the process is so simple that we can often restore several teeth during one appointment.

Do You Have a Cavity and Need a Tooth Filling?

If you think you have a cavity and need a tooth-colored filling, please call Zhang Dental Group of Tustin to schedule an appointment. The sooner we treat tooth decay, the faster we can get your smile back to full health.