Can You Kiss with Dentures?

February 1, 2024

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, thoughts turn to expressing affection, but for those with dentures, there’s a question lingering: Can kissing still be comfortable? Many denture wearers grapple with this concern, unsure of how their prosthetics will affect intimate moments. However, with the right fit and care, kissing with dentures can often be enjoyable and pain-free. Keep reading as we explore whether kissing with dentures is possible.

Can You Kiss with Dentures? 

Although dentures are essential for many, their tendency to slip while worn can make activities like eating and speaking challenging. This might lead you to wonder if they could interfere with kissing your partner or loved ones.

Fortunately, kissing with dentures is entirely feasible, especially if they fit well and remain stable. Properly fitted dentures should stay securely in place without shifting. If you experience excessive slipping, it’s wise to consult your dentist for adjustments or replacements. This ensures you can enjoy a delightful evening with your date, including a tender goodnight kiss, without any concerns.

3 Tips for Date Night with Dentures 

Ensuring your dentures are stable is crucial, but there are other factors to consider for a successful Valentine’s Day date, such as:

  • Sit back and relax – When you’re on a date, take the time to relax and enjoy the moment with your partner. This applies to kissing with dentures too. If needed, feel free to make adjustments or take a short break to ensure comfort and pleasure.
  • Watch what you eat –Some foods, especially hard or sticky ones, can make dentures more likely to slip. It’s best to avoid these foods. Instead, try cutting your food into smaller pieces and chewing slowly to make eating easier. Also, avoid foods like garlic and onions that can cause bad breath.
  • Practice talking beforehand – As you adjust to wearing dentures, you may find it difficult to speak fluently at first. To overcome this, try practicing speaking and having conversations with your friends and family before your date. This will boost your confidence and make it easier to communicate smoothly during your romantic evening.  

As Valentine’s Day approaches, keep in mind that wearing dentures shouldn’t dampen your excitement for the evening. By taking good care of your dentures and planning ahead, you can tackle any obstacles with confidence and fully enjoy making special memories with your partner!

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